Web Questionnaire

1 What is the purpose of your website?
2 What is the important message that you wish to convey to your visitors? Please view the following list.
3 Is this website project a redesign or a new website?
Redesign New
4 If you wish to redesign a website, what do you like or dislike about your existing website?
5 Do you have a logo and a slogan for your business?
Yes No
6 Do you already have company colors and styling?
Yes No
7 Develop a short description of your business, how would your customers find you in the Yellow Pages?
8 Who is your target market?
9 What type of visitors do you want to attract to the site?
10 Do you have any short term or long term goals for your website? Please describe.
11 How would you determine success?
12 Do you already own the domain name?
Yes No
13 Do you have an existing hosting account or would you require one?
14 If you require an ecommerce website, what type of ecommerce solution do you require?
Flat file page, visitor must print then fax, post or phone to place order
Single page secure order form that send each order as an email
Multi-page secure order form with shopping cart, visitors can pick products, change, preview and submit order on-line
15 Do your customers have buying seasons? Please describe
16 Do you have a brick and mortar or other off-web location or contact point?
Yes No
17 How do you see the online and off-line business working together?
18 Who are your competitors?
19 What do you like / dislike about their websites?
20 Do you know of any sites that share similar interests or business ideas as yourself, reciprocally linking to important websites can be beneficial?
21 A well laid out website has no more than 6 - 8 section links to interior pages on the home page, how many pages do you potentially see for your website?
22 Will you be allocating a marketing budget for your website? Would you consider paid search engine inclusion? Would you consider online advertising (GoogleAds, Overture)? Please explain
23 Will you be able to supply all photos, custom graphics or text for the site?
Yes No
24 Do you require any other components on your site, for example affiliate programs, java applets, database integration, questionnaire forms, feedback forms, newsletters?
Yes No
25 Keywords and keyword phrases are very important to a websites search engine optimization, do you know which words you would like your site to be quickly and easily found with search engines on? Please list them.
26 Do you require ongoing maintenance and content updates?
Yes No
27 How often do you see the content being updated?
28 Do you require the feature to update content yourself?
Yes No
29 Is there a deadline for the site to be completed and placed online? Please describe.
30 Do you have a budget set for the website development?
Yes No     Amount


Contact Information
Phone: ex: xxx xxx-xxxx
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. It will help us in the estimating of this project. It will also be used as a guideline for the site design and development.